Just a final reminder regarding credits for movement on the salary scale (reference Article X, Section 2-B & C of your STA Agreement):

§ Coursework must have been completed by July 1st of the school year to be eligible for movement on the salary scale in September.

§ The Superintendent's Office must receive official records prior to September 1st of each year for movement on the salary scale.

§ Beyond the Masters column, any credits in the employee's field of certification and identified as graduate credits by the college or university will be approved by the Superintendent when submitted. Any credits outside these definitions require pre-approval of the Superintendent.

Official transcripts or IU letters with the seal need to be to me as soon as possible in August in order to make changes in salary steps in time for the September 15th payroll.

In September of each year I forward a memo to those teachers who have taken coursework during the previous year updating the number of credits on file for them in our office.

PLEASE NOTE: Only those individuals completing ALL the required paperwork will receive this memo.

Also, as a reminder, if you have received your Level II Certification or received an add-on to your current certificate, please provide the Superintendent's office with a copy of your new certificate issued by PDE. They are not sent to us automatically, and with the new TIMS system, we are not able to access them and print them out.

As always, should you have any questions regarding coursework or this memo, please email or call 724-983-4002