This online assessment is going to be field tested in our district in grades 3-12. It is designed to measure specific student strengths and weaknesses and is aligned to PA standards and the Standards Aligned Systems (SAS) from PDE; it’s also based on content covered by the Keystone Exams and PSSA’s. It is a computer-adaptive approach which adjusts questions based on students’ responses. For example, if a question is answered correctly the difficulty of the next question will increase and if a question is not correct the difficulty decreases. This adaptation is supposed to minimize frustration and find the student’s level of achievement. Teachers are to receive data to be used for targeting instruction; also, the CDT online reports will provide links to resources in SAS-lessons plans and other resources. The field test only addresses mathematics.

The information from this test will be used to select items for future CDT assessments. There are 35 multiple choice math questions and 7 survey questions which are intended to gauge the students experience in taking online tests-being able to use sites and the tools (ex. online calculators).

A a 15 minute tutorial on becoming familiar with the software next week, then give students a practice test the following week (May 3). During the week of May 17, administer the field test. If students do not finish in that time period they are not penalized. It is suppose to be administered just like the PSSA math… Quiet, no disruptions, teacher is not permitted to read any part of the test questions or answer choices, and we are only able to offer encouragement.

All 3-12 teachers to become familiar with the CDT. View the tutorial and take the practice test. On the Links tab the tutorial site is available for you to preview and the manual for test directions and helpful hints is also located there as well as SAS and PDE site links. It looks like testing may be heading in this direction. Eventually the other subject areas are going to be given online, too.

The students have taken many tests this year- although this test does not count toward AYP, it is still important that the students try their best. When this test becomes an operational test in the future, it could provide valuable information.

Thank you all for your cooperation.