The Pennsylvania Department of Education has issued a mandate of all school districts to develop a Wellness Policy by July 1, 2006. Sharon City School District has developed this policy following department guidelines with contributions from administration, teachers, parents, students, board members and community health representatives. Incidence of childhood obesity and Juvenile Diabetes continues to grow at alarming rates. Please consider the following Healthy Food Choices, identified in our Wellness Policy, and join us in this battle to improve the physical well being of our children.


Healthy School Parties

Snack Ideas For School And Classroom Parties

Of course, the foods offered at school parties should add to the fun, but try to avoid making them the main focus. Remember, schools are responsible for helping students learn lessons about good nutrition and healthy lifestyles and students should practice these lessons during school parties. Also, the school nurse should be contacted to check for food restrictions for specific students. Sharon Schools recognizes that parties, treats, and fundraisers are very important to students, parents and staff, however, foods of minimal nutritional value will not be allowed until after the last lunch period of the day in the respective building.

Healthy Snack And Party Food Choices

§Fresh fruit and vegetables – buy locally when possible


§Bagels with low fat cream cheese

§Trail mix

§Nuts and seeds

§Fig cookies

§Animal crackers

§Baked chips

§Low fat popcorn

§Granola bars

§Soft pretzels and mustard

§Pizza (no extra cheese and no more than one (1) meat)


§String cheese

§Cereal bar

§Single-serve low fat or fat free milk (regular or flavored)

§100% fruit juice (small single-serves)

§Bottled water (including flavored water)

Smart Alternative Fundraisers For Today's Healthy Schools

Healthier Food Ideas

§Bottled water with school name/logo

§Gift baskets of fruit/cheese

§Naturally low fat pretzels

§Specialty shaped pastas

§Boxes of citrus fruits