#290 Introduction to Technical Drawing 1 credit

In this course, students will learn to use a computer-aided drafting system (CAD) and AUTOCAD. Units of study include geometric construction, size and shape description. Also, students will learn to read and write the standard symbols and follow industry guidelines. Computer-aided drafting is introduced by having students make actual drawings on the computer system. Introduction to technical drawing is the basic course for students planning to enter other technical drawing courses and the field of engineering. A working knowledge of algebra is required.

#296 Manufacturing and Construction Technology1 credit

In this course, students will explore the past, present and future of manufacturing and construction.The course will be research driven and activity based as we build our knowledge of the process.Basic manufacturing techniques and procedures will be taught and practiced, along with the incorporation of construction methodology.Areas to be emphasized will include material selection, processing, and finishing, both on large and small scales.

#288Transportation and Welding Technology1 credit

This course’s focus will be based on all facets of transportation.While we will be looking at air, sea, space, and of course, land transportation methods, an emphasis will be placed more towards land transportation.We will take a close look at the automobile, how it is made, and how all it’s components function together.Welding and other various skills will also be introduced, as they still serve as the primary method for affixing the automobile’s base components.Introduction of welding skills in the areas of ARC, MIG, and TIG welding will be explored and practiced.