I understand that C.O.O.L. is an extension of the school day and I will…

Be Present - I will attend everyday that I am present at school. I understand that C.O.O.L. is an extension of the school day; therefore, if I need to go home at the end of the day my parent(s)/guardian(s) will write me a note allowing me early dismissal. I understand that I will not be dismissed at the end of the day without a note (this is for the student’s safety). I also understand that if I have repeated unexcused absences I may be removed from the program.

Be Prepared - I will come to C.O.O.L. on time (C.O.O.L. starts at 2:45) and bring what I need with me (e.g. homework, books, and a pencil).

Be Respectful - I will listen to the teacher(s), follow directions, be kind to others and use manners (e.g. raise hands, listen while others are speaking, no name calling, say please and thank you, no swearing).

Be Productive - I will work hard and do my best. I understand that I cannot participate in other activities until my homework is done.

Be Safe - I will keep my hands to myself and follow safety rules (e.g. no pushing, shoving, kicking, or fighting). I also understand that fighting will lead to an immediate suspension from the C.O.O.L. program.

Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior and Not Meeting Academic Responsibility

Step 1 – Verbal Private - When behavior occurs the teacher will have a brief, private conversation with the student concerning the choices he/she is making. This is to reach a quick solution with the student taking responsibility for his/her actions.

Step 2 – Time Out - A student who chooses to continue the behavior will be moved to another area in the room or to a quiet workspace so that learning is not disrupted/

Step 3 – Call and Letter Home - If behavior continues to occur, parents will be called and informed of student’s behavior. The student will write a letter home explaining his/her inappropriate behavior and how they will change it. Parent will sign the letter and return it.

Step 4 - Suspension - If a student is still acting out, the parent will be called and the students will be sent home from C.O.O.L. This suspension from C.O.O.L. could be fro one day or up to a week. A notice will also be sent to the building principal explaining the behaviors that have occurred.

Step 5 – Removal from C.O.O.L. - If there is repeated behavior that results in multiple suspensions from C.O.O.L., a student may be asked to leave the program. C.O.O.L. is a privilege and must be treated as such.