Mr. Melvin Bandzak, President

Mr. Daniel Gill, Vice President

Mrs. Pamela Corini, Treasurer

Mr. Brian Faber (missing from photo)

Mrs. Sonja Heard (missing from photo)

Mrs. Brenda Kepple

Mr. Tony Molinari

Mrs. Judy Rogers

Mrs. Susan Torr

Mr. Michael Calla, Superintendent

Mrs. Tresa Templeton, Business Manager

Mrs. Theresa Giglio, Secretary (non-voting)

  • Mission Statement

    It is the mission of the Sharon City School District to prepare our students for a changing society in partnership with their families and our community by providing educational opportunities through a balanced curriculum and delivered by a professional staff.

Vision Statement

It is the vision of the Sharon City School District that our schools are a place where:

Students demonstrate awareness that personal effort in education will maximize their potential for a greater quality of life.

The school system strives for excellence based upon sound educational practices.

Lifelong learning is fostered through challenging, innovative, and diverse learning experiences for students, staff and the community.

Instruction is individualized.

Education is valued and supported by the entire community, and is delivered in a safe, healthy, cooperative and disciplined atmosphere.

All people are encouraged to pursue their dreams, develop ideas, and discover opportunities for growth.

Students, parents, and educators are equal partners in the educational process and share responsibility for the results.

Open and honest communication is fostered among school staff, students, families and the community.

Schools are an integral part of the community and easily accessible to all citizens.

Sharon graduates will be ….

Proficient in all areas of the Commonwealth standards.

Productive, responsible, self-reliant adults.

Enthusiastic toward learning and the lifelong pursuit of knowledge with an appreciation for the arts, sciences and humanities.

Respectful and responsible to family, community, country, and personal integrity.

Belief Statement

The Sharon City School District believes:

That the district, the students, the parents and the community share the responsibility for the education of all students.

That learning is a lifelong process.

That everyone has the right to succeed and that successful experiences lead to heightened self-worth and accomplish-ment.

That every student is entitled to a quality education

In creating an atmosphere conducive to learning.

In this shared set of values:

Civic responsibility and citizenship



Respect for others and their property





Respect for self