•  Head Coach:  Kevin M. Hoffman (24th Season)

    The Golf program will seek to provide a positive experience to each athlete. It is based on hard work, teamwork, discipline, dedication, and selflessness. Student athletes are expected to demonstrate honesty, integrity, and sportsmanship in keeping with the Sharon High School code of ethic.

     The Golf program is intended to be a positive experience for all players who participate. My philosophy is based on providing a high quality, competitive, hard working, and character driven program. My goal is to develop teams that are competitive and that exemplify the qualities that are present in this mission statement. The “team” is foremost over the individual and each player will be responsible to exhibit this quality in practice and in competitions.

     As coach, I want what is best for our student athletes and our team and ultimately I want your son/daughter to have a positive experience. I will work hard to help them succeed. I believe that there are many rewards that come from being part of a team. They include the improvement that comes from every day effort, the friendships made, and the lessons learned. Success is earned through commitment and team play. Every player has a role on the team and no role is less important than another. The success of our team as a whole, and the success of your son/daughter as an individual, will be based on how well each player performs their specific role. 

    Congratulations to Luke Sadowski! Luke signed his letter of intent to golf at Thiel College next season.
    Luke Signing
    Luke Sadowski and Coach Hoffman