• What is Title 1?

    · Title 1 is a 100% federally funded   supplemental education program that provides assistance to local school districts to improve educational opportunities for children who are experiencing difficulty. 

    · Title 1 programs are designed to help children meet the content and performance standards in reading and language arts and math.

    · The Pennsylvania State System of  Assessment is used to evaluate the success of the Title 1 programs in schools.

    What Will Title 1 Do for My Child?

    · The Title 1 program will provide your child with extra educational support and instruction beyond the regular  classroom  by a Title 1 teacher.

    · The Title 1 teacher provides in-class, small group support with some pull-out instruction, or co-teaches to provide individualized instruction.

    · The Title 1 teacher will deliver instruction that targets the specific needs of your child identified by multiple assessments and teacher input.

    How are Students Identified for Title 1 Services?

    · Students are referred by their classroom teacher.

    · Students are identified as a result of basic and below basic scores on  state and district assessments.

    · Students are referred for further evaluation by their parents.