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    Student Guidelines and Procedures Handbook


    This handbook includes many rules, regulations, and suggestions which are

    designed to make Sharon Middle/High School a safe and pleasant place for

    students to attend, ultimately ensuring that each student is given the

    opportunity to receive a quality education in a disciplined atmosphere.

    The rules and regulations that apply to the school day are also applicable

    to school-sponsored activities such as athletic events, club meetings,

    field trips, drama productions, musical concerts, and dances.

    Students found in violation of these rules at any school activity or on school property

    will be disciplined as though they were in the high school building during the regular

    school day.

    It is the Sharon City School District Administration’s desire that you study

    this handbook, become familiar with its contents, and insist that your

    child/ren abide by all the rules and regulations set forth.


    Attendance 4-5

    Tardiness 6-7

    Report Cards/Progress Reports 7

    Schedule Changes 8

    Traffic Regulations 8

    Security 9

    Dress Code 10-11-12

    Tobacco/Alcohol/controlled Substances 10

    Book Bags/Backpacks 13

    Cell phone/Pagers 12

    Hall Passes 13

    PAWS 14

    Discipline Codes 15-18


    Printed below is a copy of the Sharon City School District’s Attendance

    Policy. It is our wish that you review this policy, carefully paying attention

    to the section, “Excessive Absence.”


    Regular attendance is necessary to ensure the continuity of the educational

    process. Regularity of attendance is desirable in developing proper habits,

    the feeling of mastery through success, interest in school, a sense of

    responsibility and those important character-building aspects which have a

    definite effect upon later life. It is essential that parents and school

    authorities plan for anticipated absences together whenever possible.

    this will assure fulfillment of the school’s aim to help pupils plan

    responsibility for their actions.

    1. Absence (here defined as):

    a. Non-attendance in school

    b. Non-attendance in an individual class;

    c. A combination of numbers 1 and 2.

    Tardiness to school and early dismissals will be counted as

    absences. Certain school-related activities, such as field trips,

    office and guidance appointments, athletic contests, etc., are

    exempt from these regulations.

    2. Excused absences include the following:

    a. Illness

    b. Critical family illness

    c. Pre-arranged doctor and dentist appointments

    d. Authorized school activities

    e. Death in the family

    f. Educational trips (maximum of five days; must have prior

    administrative approval)

    g. Required court attendance

    h. Religious holidays

    I. College visitations (seniors only) with prior administrative approval


    3. Illegal absence defined

    Any absence not classified as excused for students of compulsory

    school age (16 years of age and younger)

    4. Unexcused absence defined here as:

    Any absence not classified as excused for students not of compulsory

    school age (pre-school, kindergarten, and 17 years and over)

    5. Truancy (here defined as):

    Being absent from class or classes, or being absent from the building

    during some part or all of the school day without permission from an

    authorized school official or the student’s parent/guardian.

    6. On the morning following an absence, the student must bring to school

    a written statement from the parent/guardian stating the exact reason

    for the absence. This statement should include the student’s name,

    grade, date of absence, the specific reason for the absence, and the

    parent’s signature. If no parental excuse is given to a school

    official within three school days, the student will be marked illegal

    (16 and under) or unexcused (17 and over).

    7. The parents/guardians of any child, 16 years old or under, that has

    been illegally absent from school for three (3) days shall be served

    an Official Notice of Second Offense Action.

    8. A criminal complaint will be filed with the district magistrate on the

    sixth illegal absence.

    9. The school is justified in requiring a statement from medical authorities

    for a claim of continued or repeated illness.


    Make-up work for extended absences must be arranged immediately upon return

    to school and completed within five (5) days.


    A student who has thirty (30) or more class absences for a y ear-long course,

    fifteen (15) or more class absences for a semester course, and eight (8) or

    more class absences for a nine (9) weeks course shall be ineligible for

    credit without winning an attendance appeal.


    A student may individually request a waiver of the attendance provision by

    appealing to the building’s administration. The individual case shall then be

    reviewed by the Appeal Committee after all records including physician’s

    excuses are submitted to the appropriate grade level administrator. The

    Appeal Committee will consist of an administrator, attendance Officer,

    Guidance Counselor and a classroom teacher who will determine whether

    the student’s absences or tardies were legitimate. If the committee so

    determines, the student may be granted a waiver.


    1. The main entrance to the building will open at 7:30 a.m. All walking

    students are to enter the building through the front doors only.

    2. All student drop-offs and pick-ups occur on Forker Boulevard. Students

    being transported to school will enter through the (East) back

    foyer doors.

    3. Upon entering the building, all students are to report to the Commons

    Area. Student dismissal will be directly from the 8th period class.

    Although scheduled classes end at 3:00 p.m., school hours run from

    8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Students may be required to remain until 3:30 p.m.

    to fulfill obligations to teachers.

    4. Seventh and eighth grade students are not permitted on the second

    and third floors of the building except for specific assignments, and

    in no case, prior to first period or following dismissal.

    5. Ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade students are not permitted

    on the first floor except for specific classroom assignments, and in

    no case, prior to dismissal.

    6. No student is to seek entrance to his/her first period class prior to

    the 7:50 a.m. bell.

    7. Each student has been assigned a hall locker where books, backpacks,

    and coats will be placed.


    1. Students should avoid tardiness; but should there be a choice between

    tardiness and absence, tardiness should be chosen.

    2. A pupil is tardy if he/she is not in his first period class by the 8:00 a.m.


    3. Students who enter the building after 8:00 a.m. are to report to the

    commons where their tardiness will be recorded. They will be given

    a tardy slip to gain entrance to the class currently in session.

    4. An administrator or attendance officer will assign a penalty that is



    5. Students who enter classes late during the day shall be detained by the

    class teacher after school dismissal to make up time lost unless the

    reason for being late is excusable.

    6. A student who is late to class due to tardiness caused by the teacher

    of the preceding class should request from that teacher an admission

    slip to the succeeding class before leaving his/her classroom.


    1. Students who wish to be excused from school during the day must

    present a written request to the office signed by their parents or

    guardian prior to 7:50 a.m. Excuse slips are then issued which will

    allow students to leave the building. Excuse slips must be recorded

    and left at the office before leaving the building.

    IMPORTANT:All pupils are to leave the building by the main exit near the

    office. If going to a doctor or dentist, a slip from the doctor’s office

    must be turned in to the first period teacher the following day. The

    medical excuse must include the patient’s name, date and time of and

    departure time from the appointment. The school reserves the right

    to confirm all early dismissal requests.

    Students reporting to school late due to a medical appointment must

    bring a medical excuse to the office with the departure time on it.

    2. Students who become ill during the day should obtain a hall pass to

    go to the health room. If the school nurse deems it necessary that

    an ill student be excused from school, she will issue an excuse slip

    to any such student. Students should not go to the restroom when

    ill; to do so will constitute a class cut.


    Report cards are issued at the end of each nine-weeks period of school.

    Issuing dates are listed on the school district calendar. Student progress

    reports are issued at the mid-point of each nine-weeks period.


    1. Schedule changes will only be made to correct scheduling errors.

    2. No subject may be dropped without office approval.

    3. Once a schedule change is approved, it is the responsibility of the

    student to obtain both the drop and the add teacher’s signatures and

    return the completed schedule to the Guidance Office.

    4. A course dropped after two weeks of school may be assigned a failing

    grade, and any such change after this point will be with the approval

    of the Principal Assisting-Academic.


    1. Students are asked to carefully follow all traffic regulations for

    pedestrians and motorists. Students not practicing safe driving will

    have their driving privileges suspended/revoked.

    2. Sharon Middle/High School’s and Case Avenue Elementary School’s

    parking areas are reserved for the administration, faculty, and


    3. All students must register for a hang tag to be permitted to park in the

    student lot. Hang tags must be attached to the rear view mirrors on

    their vehicles.

    4. Student parking is not permitted along the driveways behind the

    cafeteria, near the entrances to the gymnasium, nor in the back of the



    On the occasions of rallies and assemblies, all students must move quickly

    and quietly with their assigned groups in accordance with regulations

    dealing specifically with those events. Exit procedures for fire drills are

    posted in individual rooms. These regulations will be announced by individual



    1. The library is well-equipped and is always ready to serve students.

    Pupils may go there for reference work if they have secured a

    pass from their classroom teacher to do so.

    2. The library is to be used for reference and research only.


    1. Students should not bring large sums of money or other

    valuables to school with them. If it becomes necessary, they

    should check such valuables in the principal’s or physical

    education teacher’s office until needed and not place them in

    their lockers. The District is not responsible for any valuables

    reported “missing” from any locker.

    2. Students are responsible for locking their hall and physical

    education lockers, and should not share their lock combinations

    with anyone.

    3. The lockers are the property of the school. It is the responsibility of each student to keep the assigned locker clean by treating the facility with respect. If a locker malfunctions, it will be repaired upon reporting the problem to the maintenance office. Any change in locker assignment will be made by a principal.

    4. Lockers are subject to inspection by authorized persons at

    any time. Students should not have an expectation of privacy

    in school lockers.

    5. Foodstuffs, perishables, etc., are not permitted in lockers for

    a period longer than a school day.

    6. Personal locks are not permitted on hall lockers.

    7. No student, other than the one to whom the locker is assigned,

    is permitted access to an individual locker. Sharing of lockers

    is prohibited.

    8. Students have no option as to the location of their lockers.


    Smoking or carrying cigarettes or other tobacco products, and ingesting

    or carrying intoxicating beverages or other classified substances on

    school property is forbidden. Members of the faculty are authorized to

    enforce this regulation. The discipline policy regarding these issues will

    be stringently enforced.


    Students are to dress and groom themselves so as not to cause disruption

    of the educational process or constitute a health or safety hazard. The

    administration may require students to wear certain types of clothing while

    participating in physical education classes, science labs, band, technical

    education, and in extracurricular activities.

    The following are guidelines for student dress:

    1. All clothing is to be neat and clean.

    2. Skirts and shorts shall be a length that does not cause a disruption

    of the educational process. Skirt lengths, including slits, must not

    rise above the student’s fingertips when their hands are extended at

    their sides.

    3. Frayed (un-hemmed) shorts and pants are prohibited.

    4. Spandex clothing is prohibited.

    5. See-through clothing or exposed midriffs are not permitted.

    6. Sleeveless T-shirts, tank tops, and spaghetti straps are not to be worn


    7. All tops must be form-fitted around the arms.

    8. Low-cut tops or blouses are prohibited.

    9. Swimwear outside of the pool area shall be prohibited.

    10. The wearing of sleepwear or outdoor clothing in school is not


    11. The “sag” or “droop” look is prohibited. Pants are not permitted to be

    worn below the hip level; underwear may not be exposed.



    12. Apparel or body art containing references to obscene or vulgar

    language, explicit or implicit sexual connotations or innuendos,

    alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or drugs, or that contain

    references that otherwise disrupt the educational process shall

    be prohibited.

    13. Hair is to be clean and neatly groomed.

    14. No head coverings or headbands will be permitted upon entering the

    building until dismissal.

    15. Bare feet are not acceptable.

    16. Chains on apparel are prohibited.

    17. Unless prescribed by an optometrist/ophthalmologist/medical

    doctor, students may not wear tinted/sun glasses in school.

    18. Coats are not permitted to be worn in the building after classes begin.

    Please keep a sweatshirt/sweater In your locker for days when the

    building is cold.

    19. Any other articles of clothing or matters of dress that are disruptive

    of the educational process or that constitute a health or safety

    hazard are prohibited.


    When a violation of the student dress code occurs, the following sequence

    shall be followed:


    1. The student shall be given an opportunity to correct the infraction

    in school, either by obtaining clothes on his/her own or from the

    nurse’s office.

    2. If the student is unable to correct the infraction in school, an attempt

    shall be made to contact the student’s parent or guardian to request

    that the parent or guardian bring appropriate clothing to the school

    so that the student may comply with the dress code. In the meantime,

    the student shall wait in the front or nearby office and shall use this time to do school work.


    The student will be assigned OSS (Out-Of-School Suspension).


    No radios or compact disc players of any type are to be brought to school

    without permission.


    Cell phones and pagers are prohibited without prior administrative approval.


    When students violate school regulations or are involved in disciplinary

    difficulties in the school, or to, from, or during a school-sponsored

    activity, a temporary record of the case is recorded. Reference is made

    to these records under various conditions.


    A lost and found service is maintained in the principal’s office. Students

    who find various articles which have been lost are requested to bring them

    to the office. Students who have lost articles in the building are invited

    to inquire about them in the office.


    Full guidance service is available to all students. Career and vocational

    assistance is available by making an appointment prior to 8:00 a.m. or after



    Any student in the hall, except during the exchange of classes, is required

    to have an official hall pass. When students are needed in the office or

    other parts of the building, a hall pass will be sent to them indicating the

    place and time which they are to report.


    The school building and grounds, books, and supplies are a free loan to

    students. They are provided as means to help students gain an education.

    Students have no right to deface public property.


    Although permitted to transport books and school supplies to and from

    school, bookbags and backpacks must be kept in the students’ lockers for

    the duration of the school day. Physical education clothing may be

    transported to the locker room in a clear plastic or mesh bag or stored

    in a locker in the locker room.


    Paws will continue to be implemented this school term. Students will

    report to their advisors daily at this time for individual academic and

    personal counseling.


    Detention will be held daily in Room 101 from 3:10 until 3:40 p.m. Students

    must bring academic assignments to work on while in detention. There will

    be no exceptions to this rule.




    1. Tardy to class

    2. Sleeping in class

    3. Eating or drinking outside of the cafeteria*

    4. Unprepared for class, not on task

    5. Failure to follow established classroom rules

    6. Minor, correctable dress code violations

    7. Failure to return school related forms; I.e., report cards,

    medical cards, etc.

    8. Failure to return books, equipment

    9. Profanity, objectionable language or possessing

    pornographic material

    10. Minor classroom disruptions

    11. Insubordination


    1st Offense: Faculty verbal warning

    2nd Offense: Faculty detention (15 min.) and parental


    3rd Offense: Faculty detention (30 min.) and faculty/

    administrative conference with parents

    and student.

    4th Offense: Office referral

    * Confiscated and discarded


    a. Tardiness to school:

    one night administrative detention commencing with the fifth tardy.

    B. Detention Cuts:

    Initial detention cut—1 additional day assigned and parental notification

    subsequent detention cut—conference with an administrator, parent,

    and student.

    chronic detention cuts—OSS

    C. Unacceptable dress or grooming practices:

    student will be given the opportunity to correct the infraction or be sent home and assigned detention.

    D. Possession of cell phones, pagers, laser pointers, CD players,

    electronic games, etc.:

    Confiscation of device and parental notification. Parents must

    retrieve device from administration.

    E. Dishonesty, plagiarism, cheating:

    Loss of credit for work and parental notification.



    1. Flagrant disrespect

    2. Major, chronic classroom disruptions

    3. Harassing, threatening or intimidating a fellow student

    4. Disruptive behavior during assemblies or in the cafeteria

    5. Disruptive behavior during school-sponsored activities

    6. Causing unnecessary disturbances in the school

    7. Failure to follow established school rules and regulations


    1st Offense: 1 or 3 days OSS/conference with an administrator,

    parent, teacher, and student, possible alternative

    education setting.

    2nd Offense: 3—10 days OSS/conference with an administrator,

    teacher, parent, and student, possible alternative

    education setting. (3 days or more permitted only

    with prior approval of the superintendent)

    3rd Offense: Referral to Superintendent


    A. Truancy:

    See attendance policy

    B. Possession of tobacco/smoking:

    Citation/conference with an administrator, teacher, parent, and student.

    C. Fighting:

    Citation/Parental Conference

    D. Leaving school without permission:

    3 days detention, truancy filing, conference with an administrator,

    teacher, parent, and student.

    E. Class cutting/forging a pass:

    3 days detention, conference with an administrator, teacher, parent,

    and student.



    1. Fighting which endangers the health and welfare of others


    2. Physically assaulting an employee/student

    3. Possession of a weapon/replica

    4. Possession or use of controlled substances/look-alikes

    5. Vandalism

    6. Theft

    7. Extortion of attempted extortion

    8. Indecent exposure

    9. Any other violation of the state penal code


    Offenses will result in:

    5—10 days OSS (out-of-school suspension)

    (3 days or more permitted only with prior approval of the


    Arrest and prosecution

    Possible expulsion/Alternative Educational Placement

    August 23, 2005

    Dear Parent/Guardian:

    As summer is quickly coming to an end, we are looking forward to having your

    son/daughter back with us at Sharon Middle School for an exciting

    2004-2005 school year.

    To assure that we start the upcoming school year on a positive note, we

    would appreciate you reading and discussing our Student Guidelines and

    Procedures Handbook with your child. In doing so, you and your student

    will be aware of our policies and the consequences of failing to abide

    by them. Please sign and return this form as soon as possible to your

    homeroom teacher.

    Yours in education,

    Dennis Staul

    Assistant Middle/High School Principal


    We have read, discussed, and understand the Middle School Guidelines and

    Procedures Handbook.

    Parent Signature_________________________________________________________

    Student Signature________________________________________________________