•  Come in to the lab quietly and go to your assigned computer. Do not touch other keyboards or mice on the way to your computer. Wait for instructions before you touch anything. 


    Only visit approved internet sites and only when you have permission to do so.

    Do not download anything.

    Never give out personal information.

    If you see anything uncomfortable, turn off your monitor and let your teacher know immediately. Do not show your friends.


    Make sure you leave your workspace as you found it! Exit all of your programs. Put your headphones on top of the towers. Straighten your keyboard and mouse.

    Push in your chair.

    Collect and throw away any trash on your way out. Take anything you have printed when you leave.
    Print only if you have permission! Only press print once!

    Use only your assigned computer.

    Do not move the icons on the desktop.

    Do not change any system settings without permission. Do not edit files that do not belong to you. Help others with your mouth and not their mouse.


    Treat your classmates, your teacher and all equipment with respect. Help your neighbors if they need help.

    Do not talk when the teacher is talking.

    Come to the computer lab with clean hands.

    No banging your mouse or banging the keys on the keyboard.

    No hands on the monitor.

    All four feet of your chair should be on the floor at all times.


    Eating and drinking not allowed in lab.


    Read the screen BEFORE asking questions.



    Lights out means Your Attention Please.

    Remove your headphones.

    Take your hands off the keyboard and mouse.

    Wait for instructions or information.


    Ask your immediate neighbors for help before you raise your hand to ask your teacher.

    Do not get out of your seat to ask for help.

    Do not get out of your seat to help someone else.



    Be prepared to learn something new every day in the Computer Lab.


Last Modified on August 29, 2017