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    Grief Support Group for Teens:

    “Connections to Hope” will meet every 3rd Wednesday of the month at the Hermitage YMCA. For more information call (724)346-0667 or (724) 962-5000.

    Helping Your Child in Times of Stress and Crisis

    · Address your own reactions to the situation.

    · Stick to schedules and routines. Children will find comfort in this.

    · If the source of stress is in the news, limit exposure to television andother forms of media.

    · Speak honestly with your child. Be careful to share age-appropriateinformation.

    · Provide one on one time. Give your child an opportunity to express fearsand concerns.

    Math and Science for Girls

    BrainCake is a program of the Girls,Math and Science Partnership at Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh. On theWeb site braincake.org, girls can find ideas about careers, games toplay and fun science activities in the Western Pennsylvania area. There’s evena page for parents with tips on how to make math and science more accessible toyour daughter.


    Marijuana: Facts for Parents

    According to the National Institutesof Health, marijuana is the illegal drug most often abused in the UnitedStates. Conversations between parent and child must begin early regarding thedangers involved. Marijuana use today often begins at a young age and morepotent forms of the drug are now available compared to years past.


    Fact: Marijuana now comes in stronger formsthan in the 1970s or

    1980s. Effects from the drug’s use are much stronger.

    Fact: Research shows more than 40 percentof teens try marijuana

    before graduating from high school.

    Fact: Marijuana users may have many of thesame breathing problems

    tobacco users have including chronic coughing and frequent chest colds.

    Fact: Marijuana use affects the brain andleads to impaired short-term

    memory, perception, judgment and motor skills. Because of the drug’seffects on perceptions and reaction time, users could be involved in autocrashes. Drug users also may become involved in risky sexual behaviors whichcould lead to the spread of diseases. Under the influence of marijuana,students may find it hard to study and learn. Young athletes may find theircoordination, movements and timing are compromised.


    How can you tell if your child has been using marijuana?

    Some of the possible warning signsare: appears dizzy and has trouble walking; seems silly and giggly for noreason; individual has bloodshot eyes and has a hard time remembering things that just happened.


    The information above has been provided by the National Institute of Health.  Concernedparents may contact members of the school’s Student Assistance Team:

    MiddleSchool: Ms. Diane Pastorkovich 983-4043


    Student Assistance Program

    Do you have concerns about your child?In Pennsylvania, every secondary school is required to have a StudentAssistance Program. Here at Sharon Middle/High School we have a team of facultymembers including the school counselors to assist parents and students who maybe going through a difficult time.

    As parents, there may be times whenyou don’t know how to help your child. Perhaps they appear depressed or havechanged their peer group and are acting out aggressively or experiencing asudden drop in grades.

    Please consider contacting our gradelevel teams if you would like assistance. We do not diagnose or providetreatment. Instead, we assist you by providing helpful information aboutcommunity and school resources, including assistance from our Mercer CountyBehavioral Health liaison.


    For Middle School Grades contact Ms. D. Pastorkovich at 983-4043

    For High School Grades contact Mr. G. Revale at 983-4041