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Sharon Middle School
1129 East State Street
Sharon, PA 16146
Terry Karsonovich
Phone 724.983.4032
Fax 724.983.4050
 Sharon Middle School is excited to announce the creation of the Positive Family Support Program and the Family Resource Center.  Positive Family Support is a program that promotes parents’ use of positive reinforcement to improve student attendance, behavior at school, and completion of academic tasks.  This program is designed to complement School-Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports.  Our School Wide Behavior Expectations to Be Here, Be Safe, Be Ready, and Be Respectful will also be integrated into this new program.


Positive Family Support is important because:

·         It decreases students’ problem behavior

·         It improves morale of families, students, and school staff

·         It increases satisfaction of school staff who work with families


Goals of the Positive Family Support Program:

·         Increase student achievement

·         Increase student attendance

·         Enhance the relationship and communication between school and home

·         Encourage appropriate parent involvement, support, and monitoring of student progress


To accomplish these goals Sharon Middle School has created a Family Resource Center located in the middle school, room 101.  The Family Resource Center is a place to meet with families in a comfortable, welcoming environment filled with parenting, school, and community resources to discuss the needs of the students and their families.  The Family Resource Center will be staffed with our Positive Family Support Parent Liaison, Ms.  Theresa Jefferson.  Ms. Jefferson will be available to meet with parents and caretakers Monday through Friday from 11:00-1:00 to discuss the needs and concerns they may have about their students.