Outstanding Wrestler:

          This award is presented to the best all around wrestler, and the one that goes the farthest towards the State Tournament.

1969-70           Jay McDonald
1970-71           Greg Kostka
1971-72           Fran Presley
1972-73           Bob Golub
1973-74           Jim May
1974-75           Gary Gulla
1975-76           Rick Kostka
1976-77           Greg Sirb
1977-78           Steve Devlin
1978-79           John Washington
1979-80           Jeff Buchannan
1980-81           Jeff Buchannan
1981-82           Scott Thomas
1982-83           Dave Monnin
1983-84           Ken Battchani
1984-85           ScottThomas
1985-86           Tom Myers
1986-87           Tom Myers
1987-88           Bill Foore
1988-89           Larry Basil
1989-90           Rick Stoner
1990-91           Jeff Thomas
1991-92           James Reardon
1992-93           Larry Norris
1993-94           Larry Norris
1994-95           Craig Griffin
1995-96           Brian Griffin
                        Jeremy Whalen
1996-97           Brian Griffin
1997-98           Eric Mausser
1998-99           Jared Moss
1999-2000             Matt Raiti
2000-2001       Jim Connelly
2001-2002       Eric Squatrito
2002-2003             Mike Bochert
2003-2004       Chris Whalen
2004-2005       Kellen Harris
2005-2006       Kellen Harris
2006-2007       Kellen Harris
2007-2008       Jordan Moss
2008-2009       Jordan Moss
                      Lewendo Teague

Donald Thomas Award:    In 1994 the Wrestling Boosters of Sharon wanted to present an award to a wrestler that gave his all to the sport, made a contribution to the betterment of the team and showed leadership.  This award was to go to the wrestler that was at every practice, no matter what, would do anything to better the team, including the sacrifice of his record, and guide others toward the advancement of the team.  This award is named for Sharon’s first wrestling coach.

1993-94           Ed MacElroy

1994-95           Jeremy Whalen

1995-96           Eric Mausser

1996-97           Josh McCullough

1997-98           Justin Fischer

1998-99           Matt Raiti

1999-2000             Eric Squatrito

2000-2001       Devin Corini

2001-2002       Mike Bochert

2002-2003             Logan Malie

2003-2004       Robert Fisher

2004-2005       Pat Williams

2005-2006       Tom Chavara

2006-2007       Lewendo Teague

2007-2008       Brandon Slade

2008-2009       Jason Ondic

John “Scooter” Washington Memorial Award:   In 1994 Sharon wrestling lost an alumni and major supporter.  John “Scooter” Washington died suddenly in his early thirties.  In his memory, his family has established a memorial scholarship fund to be presented to the wrestler that has given his all to the sport, has been involved in school and community activities, has been a team leader both on and off the mat, and is an academic achiever.  The monies from the fund are to help defer the cost of higher education for the winner.

1994-95           Larry Norris & Jeremy Whalen

1995-96           Ken Messina & Jeremy Whalen

1996-97           Ken Messina & Eric Mausser

1997-98                     Eric Mausser

1998-99           Jared Moss

1999-2000             Russ Porterfield & Jim Connelly

2000-2001             Jim Connelly & Eric Squatrito

2001-2002             Eric Squatrito

2002-2003             Mike Bochert & Logan Malie

2003-2004             Ryan Rauschenberg

2004-2005       Pat Williams

2005-2006       Pat Williams

2006-2007       Pat Williams

2007-2008       Carl Tucker

2008-2009       Anthony Ondic