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Sixth Grade Technology  

Assign Typing Practice Stage 1 - 3 :

Assign 25-30 minutes or until done.


Typing Level One Typing Level Two Typing Level Three



1) Assign 3 Minutes of: Typing Rocket Jr. Type with both hands, try to get a final score of 60 points or more.

2) Assign: Keyboard Climber 2. Type with both hands. Finish level two.


Typing Rocket Keyboard Climber


More Typing Practice Here:


Word Processing - "My Vacation" | Enrichment

Students use a graphic organizer to write about their vacation.




Assign Enrichment: Students work on enrichment activities when finished.

1.                                  Typing Club                Teacher Handbook      
2.   Alpha Quick 
4.   Image result for wacky web tales
5.     math  
 6. Login to Sumdog or 1st in Math
         Sumdog Math Csatlos 

Last Modified on September 6, 2016