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  Fifth Grade Technology

Qtr. 1 - Week 1:

Review of Typing Stage 1: Demonstrate how to use Dance Mat Typing stage one, level one ( ASDF,JKL; and G, H ). Review proper finger technique.


Assign Typing Practice Stage 1:

Assign Dance Mat Typing stage one, level one ( ASDF,JKL; and G, H ). Typing Practice Here:

Typing Practice


Assign 3 Minutes of: Typing Rocket Jr. Students type with both hands, try to get a final score of 60 points or more.


Assign: Keyboard Climber 2. Students type with both hands. Finish level three.


Assign Enrichment: Students work on enrichment activities after typing.



Word Processing - "My Vacation" | Enrichment


 My Vacation Purple    My Vacation Black Phone

My Vacation : Make the "My Vacation" (Windows) template available to the students. Demo how to write in the editable text box.


Assign: "My Vacation" writing. Students will save / print their finished work.

Describe in 100 words or more what you did this summer.

Tell an interesting story with a beginning, middle, and end.

Add at least one small image related to your story.


1.What you did,

2.What happened to you,

3.Places you went,

4.What was so boring and what you wished you had done instead.

5.Who you met, 

6.Who you played with,

7.Movies you saw, books you read, 

8.What Else?

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